Public Safety, Security & Forensics Open House Event. Leica-Hexagon

26th – 28th April 2022


CRASH – 26th April

Our digital geospatial technologies capture all details of a crash scene in 2D or 3D in a matter of minutes. They document and visualise marks made by rolling, braking, locking, drifting, or skidding of the involved vehicles. The results show the relative location of all direct and related evidence.

CRIME – 27th April

Our digital solutions help you maintain the chain of custody by capturing the scene and visualising in real time and helping with the systematic documentation and examination of the scene, such as georeferencing the evidence. Digital scene “flythroughs” provide an overview of the entire scene, identify any threats to scene integrity, and ensure the protection of physical evidence.


The unknown threat is always the most difficult to counter. Our technology creates digital twins of environments in real-time and includes site-specific intelligence. By quickly offering accurate digital mapping and documentation solutions, gathering precise and actionable data can accelerate reaction times and save lives.

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