NPARS organiza una serie de cuatro conferencias de 2 horas

National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists organiza una serie de cuatro conferencias de 2 horas. El primer evento será Investigación y Fuentes de Información.

FECHA y HORA: el 21/10/2022, a las 11am hora del Este. (18 horas en Bilbao)

El enlace para realizar el registro

10/21/22 Zoom 2hr class on Information Sources Registration (

La información original ….NPARS

ADMIN Update & 10/21/22 Training Notice

The in-person Joint Conference is not going to happen this year. We have been advised that NATARI will be hosting in the fall of 2024, and NYSTARS will be hosting in 2025.

In lieu of the in-person conference, NAPARS is going to offer five 2-hour training sessions via Zoom in October and November. Yes, we know this is short notice, and we apologize for that. On the plus side, there will be no travel required!

The first event will be Research & Information Sources, with yours truly on 10/21/2022, 11am Eastern time.

We are still finalizing the other 4 events, expected to be about one per week, with the next one on 10/28 at 11am.

We will be submitting for ACTAR CEUs. Assuming those get approved, there will be an i-attend scan-code that attendees will need to photograph with their phone to get those ACTAR CEUs.

We plan to record these sessions, and have them available in the NAPARS Reference Library for members who want to watch later on. The Reference Library will itself be part of this discussion, including the ARJ index we keep.

Anyone in the crash analysis community is welcome to attend the live session.

Anyone who is ACTAR-certified can submit for whatever credits are approved.

NAPARS members will be able to view the recorded sessions at their leisure if they miss the live presentation (though no ACTAR CEUs will accrue).

NAPARS will be using the JotForm system for registration in advance (you must register to get the Zoom link emailed to you). We will also require logging into JotForm during the event for attendance purposes, if you want a certificate of attendance from us.

So, to reiterate, in order for us to send you the ZOOM link on the 20th or so, you must register, which you can do by clicking on this link:…/information-sources…

We will send out updates when more details are available.

Peace. -W

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